How Going Virtual Can Improve Your Company Culture

A remote workforce doesn’t mean you can’t have a great company culture.

A remote workforce doesn’t mean you can’t have a great company culture.

The workplace has been transforming toward a more digital landscape in recent years, thanks largely to technological advancements. This presents great benefits for businesses, not only in improving their sales but also in creating a different company culture.

Today, with the internet and cloud computing, employees can work anywhere. Many employers are increasingly hiring remote workers and are transitioning into a virtual workplace. With that comes a couple of questions about how it can change the usual company culture developed in a physical office.

Here are some of the benefits of how virtual workplace can improve your company’s existing culture:

It Eliminates Commuting

Tens of millions of workers commute to their workplace every day. And, It takes an average of 30 minutes to one hour to reach their offices — and can take even longer, depending on the traffic situation. By the time they arrive at the office, they are likely stressed from the commute and are not immediately productive at work. Then, after work, the process starts all over again and they have to spend the same amount of time to get home — adding to even more stress. With a virtual workplace, your employees can work from home, which can improve the quality of their life and reduce their stress levels. The time saved from commuting can be used for other productive tasks instead.

It Provides Flexibility

Time flexibility is one of the benefits virtual workplace employees like best. They can go to a doctor’s appointment, take their kids to school, and run some errands while still being able to deliver what is expected of them from work. For employees with kids, it is a priceless benefit to be able to spend more time taking care of their children while still contributing to the family’s income. When employees are happy with their personal life, they can bring that joy into their work as they are inspired to perform at their best.

It Helps Your Company Become Green

Sustainability and going green are all the rage these days as we try to mitigate the effects of climate change. By setting up a virtual workplace, you can contribute to the environment. You cut the need to print papers, you don’t have to use air conditioning, and you save on gas for your car, among other things. You build a culture of good environmental stewardship.

It Helps Build a Foundation of Trust

When you can’t physically see your employees and monitor their every move, you need to be able to trust them — and a virtual workplace is built in that foundation. When your employees feel trusted, they perform better. They become more responsible and accountable, knowing that you rely on them to do their job well. They know their contributions to the company are of huge value. You know you have the best members of your company when you can depend on your virtual employees.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of going virtual to improve your company culture. It can improve the quality of life of your employees, which helps them make more valuable contributions to the company than ever.