We can't sing back-up, but we can back you up.

As a working artist, we know your days are early and nights are late. Whether on the road, in the studio or on the stage, wouldn't it be great to know that someone was always there to help? Sure you have an agent and publicists, but who takes care of all the other tasks you can't get to? Think of your virtual assistant as your office manager, receptionist and personal affairs manager. She know's what you like, what you need and what's important.

  • Calendar management
  • Booking engagements
  • Inbound/outbound marketing
  • Expense tracking & paying bills
  • Website management
  • Blog support
  • Social Media management
  • Travel planning & booking
  • Returning phone calls
  • Inbox management
  • Online tasks
  • Organize your personal life

What else? We can even order your sunglasses.

Travel Planning & Booking

You're always on the go from gig to gig and show to show. Schedule constantly changing? No matter where you are in the world, we can keep you on track and ease the burden of booking travel. Need an upgrade, car service, private table after the show? We can help.

Call Screening

Wouldn't it be great to have an assistant to take phone calls and screen the important ones? Your virtual assistant is your office manager, receptionist and go-to person for anyone that needs you. She knows where you are, how to contact you and what's important.

Personal Finances & Paying Bills

We can handle your bookkeeping and bill paying so you don't have to. From auditing credit card bills to making sure your housekeeper is paid, we can handle it.

Gig Sourcing & Booking

Let us help you find and book gigs.  Whether you use an agent, or take care of engagements yourself, we can help.  We can help you manage your time and the process.

Calendar Management

We know you've got a lot to keep track of. We can handle your schedule for you and ensure you always run on time. Need to move things around and work things in? We're masters at maximizing your time.

Website Management

We can manage your website and keep it up-to-date with the most relevant information. Tour dates, upcoming shows, speaking engagements ... let your audience know where you'll be. We can also integrate your website with your social media platform to ensure your online presence is active and engaging.

Manage Home Services

When you're on the road, there is still a lot to take care of back home.  When was the last time you changed your air filters? And, what sizes are they? Need a handyman? Home cleaning service? Your virtual assistant can track all these items and help your home run smoothly so you meet your home organization goals. We can even have your air filters shipped right to your door.

Online Tasks

Hey, stage lights are bright and someone's got to order your sunglasses. We can handle online task and shopping for you ... even your Tweets.

Social Media Management

It's hard to keep-up with all the various social media platforms. Don't think for one second that your peers do this all by themselves. Let your virtual assistant manage this for you. We have the tools and technology to pull your social media strategy together and ensure your message is consistent across all platforms. We can keep you engaged with your audience so you're always on the social media stage.

Email Follow-up & Inbox Management

Hundreds of emails a day can be daunting. And, delayed responses can be the difference in getting work or not. Let us work behind the scenes to ensure your inbox runs efficiently. We can work with you, and your agent, to ensure you're always on your mark.

Electronic Document Storage & Filing

Contracts, pictures, personal financial information, important documents ... as a professional, there is a lot to manage. Let your virtual assistant manage this for you and keep everything stored electronically in the cloud. You'll have access to anything you need whether you're in the studio, on the stage or on the road. Never misplace important paperwork again.

Ready to see how a virtual assistant can work for you?

Our Relationship Manager starts the process by getting to know you during a detailed conversation to understand your challenges and pain points. This allows us to match you with the best virtual assistant to serve your needs.  

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