Why You Should Hire a Remote Executive Assistant Over an In-house Employee


Not too long ago, the concept of remote working seemed rather alien. Most companies preferred to have their employees work onsite. They would rather hire and work with employees who can commit to being physically present.

With the many advancements in modern technology and changes in the business landscape, however, the concept of remote working has become a viable option now. In fact, some companies have realized there are many reasons why hiring remote workers would be a good idea.

One crucial role that’s perfect for remote workers is that of an executive assistant. Some people sign up to be administrative or virtual assistants working for their employers from a remote location. This setup appears to be catching on in the working world these days.

The question is, should you hire an executive assistant who works remotely or should you opt for an in-house employee instead? Below are four reasons why it’s best to choose a remote executive assistant instead.

  1. Top Talent

    In this day and age, you can expect to find a vast pool of applicants for any open positions. You can use the internet to get in touch with untapped talent with a lot of potential from anywhere in the world. We’re no longer restricted by geography. Employers and employees alike are very lucky that modern technology allows people to do business with each other even if they’re separated by thousands of miles.

    As an employer, this will allow you to hire a candidate who you feel has potential and who you want to work with in the future. You can be sure that you end up with someone who has the necessary expertise and skills to help your business. You can even try to hire someone who can specialize in a certain task.

  2. Productivity

    It has been said that working from home can help people get the job done. In fact, studies have shown that remote workers are more productive than in-house employees, particularly for the call center industry. Remote workers reportedly take fewer breaks, fewer sick days, and do more.

    Participants were also reported to have a high level of job satisfaction and improved the company’s retention. The same applies to businesses who have remote executive assistants. If there’s one thing you can expect from them, it’s the utmost productivity and efficiency.

  3. Employee Lifestyle and Engagement

    Research studies show that remote working is effective. There are various reasons why people prefer to work remotely. For one thing, they can avoid commuting. Apparently, more and more employees are finding it challenging to brave traffic in their respective cities and towns just to report for work. Thanks to remote working, they can rise above that predicament.

    Aside from this, there are plenty of benefits that come with working remotely. You can wear ultra-casual clothes, have healthy snacks, and enjoy the relative comfort of working from home. Such a set-up can lead to employee satisfaction and happiness. Furthermore, since there’s no physical connection, you can expect more employee engagement—albeit virtually.

  4. Cost-efficiency

    Finally, one thing that you can expect from remote working is cost-efficiency. If you hire a remote executive assistant, all you have to worry about is their salary. You need not worry about added benefits and all the usual perks given to employees. You don’t have to allocate money for their office supplies and such. You can save on utilities (lighting, heat and cooling, etc.), parking, snacks, beverages, meals, and other amenities such as on-site daycare.

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