Jack of all tasks, master of none?

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Do you constantly find yourself saying, “I can do it,” or even, “it’s easier if I just do it myself?” While it may seem noble to do it all, you are ultimately decreasing productivity and increasing stress by taking on every task, big and small. Instead, consider adopting the habit of delegation.

Why delegate?

It forces you to prioritize

Before starting a task, ask yourself, “is this the highest and best use of my time?” If the answer is no, delegate the task to your assistant. Your time is valuable. Once it’s spent, there are no refunds! Focus on what you specialize in and allow your assistant to focus on more generic tasks.

It increases efficiency

By delegating your to-do list, you are able to spread the weight of the day. No matter what you think, you cannot do it all. With everyone taking a piece of the pie, one person is not burdened with all the stress, pressure, and headaches of an overcrowded calendar and pressing deadlines. You can be more effective and efficient in your work.

You can work on your business instead of in your business

Whether you are a business owner, a manager, or busy parent, your time is best spent on planning and strategy related tasks that will promote growth and efficiency. Focus on what is most pressing and allow others to focus on the rest.

Today is a great day to practice delegating! Consider a virtual assistant from to help you tackle your to-dos and take a load off your plate. Do what only you can do and delegate the rest.

Too busy? Try a virtual assistant.


When your business is growing, sometimes you may find you need a little extra help. However, employing another person full-time costs a lot of money and ends up reducing your net profits. You may not even need enough help for a full-time position. Do you really have to wait until your workload doubles to get an assistant?

Thanks to technology, you don’t! A virtual assistant may be just what you need. Here are some reasons why you should give it a try.

The hiring process is much faster

Finding someone you trust to lend you a hand can take quite a bit of time. Before anything else, you’ve got to advertise the available position. After you’ve received word from applicants, you have to go through the candidates and schedule interviews. If you’ve got a few you like, you can narrow down the list until you eventually find the one you hire.

Despite it being quite a process, it’s something you have to do if you want to hire additional staff. And even after you’ve made the hiring decision, you have to train them to perform the tasks you want them to do.

The process of hiring a virtual assistant is much simpler, and you can skip many of the things you have to do otherwise. You could be getting help much quicker.

It saves you money

You don’t spend nearly as much on a virtual assistant as you would have to with an in-house assistant. If you don’t have enough to keep them busy for a full day, you could even hire them by the hour for a couple specific things.

Hiring one assistant to help you with a great variety of things may require you to train them for all those tasks. The alternative is to hire several specialized virtual assistants who are skilled in the activities you need them to do. Oftentimes it will save you money in the long run.

Since virtual assistants are not full-time employees, you won’t have to pay benefits and other employee overhead costs you would if you hired a person in-house. This saved amount adds up over time.

Someone else can take care of the routine work

Routine work such as replying to emails and scheduling social media posts can be done by anyone. Why spend your valuable time on it? Specialized employees are usually the only ones who can carry out certain activities. Allow them to focus on their specializations by outsourcing the routine work to a virtual assistant.

This goes both ways. There are some things your employees may not be able to do. Rather than spend time training and orienting them on how to do it, have a virtual assistant complete the task so your projects can progress in a timely manner.

There won’t be any workplace drama

It isn’t all that uncommon for you to hire someone and just not get along with them. There are so many personalities in this world — and, there are bound to be a few you or your employees just don’t get along with. Sometimes this clash of personalities can result in workplace drama. Rather than having to sort out petty fights or arguments among your employees, hire a virtual assistant. They won’t be showing up to work in the same office building, so there probably won’t be much conflict. That isn’t to say workplace drama will never ensue — the risk will just be greatly reduced.

When your business is growing, you want to keep up with the growth. A virtual assistant could help you do just that and more. Giving a virtual assistant a try could be a business game changer for you.

TIP: Stop Sending Out of Office Notifications

When you're traveling and can't get to your email, you want to let people know.

So, you set the auto-reply on your email for the dreaded "out of office" notification. But what if those emails could get handled while you're traveling?

When your butler has access to your email inbox, she can keep your business running while you're on the go. And you can come back to an empty email inbox.

Did You Miss Your Appointment?

With a virtual assistant, missed appointments can be a thing of the past.

Setup a shared calendar and let your virtual assistant manage, schedule, and arrange your calendar.

By allowing your assistant to handle the back-and-forth of setting up appointments using a cloud-based calendar, she can sync directly to your mobile phone — instantly updating you.

While you're busy doing other work, your assistant books meetings, appointments, and creative time. And your virtual assistant can provide verbal or text reminders if you choose, so you never miss another meeting.

Is Your Voicemail Full Again?

No time to check your voicemail?

Instead of using voicemail, forward your missed calls to your assistant. She can pick-up the call for you and respond to standard issues on your behalf. Something urgent? No problem, she'll contact you right away. All those minutes checking voicemail each day add up to hours over a week or month. 

My BTLR can help you gain control of your voicemail and get off the phone, and on with business. You get a real person, based right here in the USA.

Call us today at 866-575-4559 to learn more about how our virtual assistants can give you more hours in the day to focus on your core business. Finding more time in your day has never been easier.